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how to create and sell merchandise online

Using your creativity to create and sell merchandise online is a great way to explore fashion merch as a business. Today, using print on demand to create and sell merch is the easiest way to start, with none of the risks more ‘traditional’ production models used to have.
So, if ‘how does it work to sell merchandise online’ is part of your recent search history then you’re in the right place. This is our guide to using the simplicity of Creator Studio and its powerful creative tools to design and sell your ideas as custom printed merch on the web.

how does it work to sell merchandise online?

Getting from your idea to a piece of merch your fans can buy isn’t as hard or complicated as you think. Take things one step at a time and you can have a legit merch brand online within a few hours.
1. First steps Let’s assume you’ve had your first big merch idea already and keep this guide more practical. If you’re going to sell things online, you’re going to need to be a registered business. Trust us, a bit of hobby money is fine, but your work is epic and probably going to sell fast. The last thing you want is the Taxman raining in your victory champagne because you haven’t paid your dues. If you’ve already done that, great. If not, speak to your local tax office or give your bank a call, explain what you plan to do, and they’ll give you a hand.
2. Set up MyStudio Creator Studio’s creator tools are available from MyStudio – your merch creation dashboard. When you’re signed up to Creator Studio, you can start getting your MyStudio account set up. Have a look around, try out the product creator, and explore the True Blanks apparel you can choose from. You can also import your neck label and packaging branding.
3. Set up your webstore You can connect Creator Studio to Shopify or WooCommerce. Sign up to the e-store of your choice, and then connect it to your MyStudio. You’ll need to do this from MyStudio, and it takes no time at all – pointing and clicking is all that’s required. There are a few mandatory settings you will need to change, so that our fulfilment and shipping will work smoothly. Everything is clear and prompts will pop up as you connect MyStudio to Shopify or WooCommerce, take your time and you’ll be done in no time. You can also set your payment method at this stage.
4. Customise your store First impressions count, especially in online sales. Shopify has some great ways to customise your e-store and it’s up to you how far you want to take things. If you’re in a hurry and just want to get your stuff out there into the world, we’d suggest selecting one of the pre-made ‘themes’ for your store. You can filter the themes into paid or free and there’s loads to choose from. Think about the kind of audience you might have, what kind of merch you’re making and choose a theme that complements that, so everything feels seamless and branded.
5. Order some samples It’s getting fun now. You’ve set up MyStudio, your e-store is looking great, and all the settings are in place. Now you can start adding your artwork to garments in MyStudio and ordering some samples, so you can check how your products will look in reality.
6. Export to e-store Once you’re happy with your products, you’re ready to export them to your e-store. What you’ll notice is that your imported products already have ready-made images for each garment and colourway – one less thing to worry about. It’s also a good idea to either link to, or copy and paste, the sizing charts for the True Blanks garments you’re going to sell. You’ll also need to set your pricing and make sure that you factor shipping into the end cost. Creator Studio is always evaluating its shipping, fulfilment and logistics to make it a fast, quality service, while also keeping costs low for you and your fans. There’s no need to worry about choosing a shipping provider, that’s all part of Creator Studio’s print on demand business model.
7. Promoting your stuff If you’re just getting into creating and selling merchandise online, our tips for marketing and promoting your label and your work would be to combine email marketing and a social media channel that’s image driven. Instagram or TikTok are good to begin with, pick the one you’re most familiar with and start sharing content. Email is a great marketing channel to use because it’s cheap and very direct – taking you into the hearts and minds of your fans.
8. Evaluate Head to your MyStudio dashboard to see your stats and orders growing. And keep an eye on your e-store statistics as well. Explore where your visitors are coming from, what colours are they buying, which sorts of artwork is making them come back for more. With a little understanding of your growing fanbase, you can focus on giving them what they want and turn your merch label into a thriving business, powered by your creativity.

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