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how to create a clothing collection

Beginning your fashion odyssey is exciting, fun and pushes your creativity in ways other pursuits just can’t match. And the moment you first unwrap your own merch will stay with you for a long time. Are we envious, perhaps. This is how we’d go about it if we were joining you on this journey to create a fashion collection.
When considering how to create a fashion collection, some might suggest you begin with some kind of business plan. And, while this might have been the case in the past, with print on demand you can almost skip it. Print on demand means zero investment and no money up front for stock – you only pay when your fans buy your garments or if you order a sample or two.

for us, it all starts with inspiration

Well, inspiration and a little audience consideration. Many would tell you to find your niche first, menswear for people that love reptiles, for example. But you might prefer to explore and research towards the theme or ideas that pull your collection together and help you land on your audience. Whatever works for you is the way you should head. There’s no right or wrong, no hidden recipe, you’re an individual so be organic and enjoy the ride. Place to get inspired include:
  • Fashion supplements of the bigger newspapers
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • AI Sites
  • WGSN / WWD
  • Fashion week reportage
  • Hypebeast or Highsnobriety
  • Galleries

choose the garments for your clothing collection

At Creator Studio, your artwork and designs will be printed on demand using our own merch fashion label, True Blanks. If you’ve not come across the term before, a blank is how the fashion industry describes a garment that’s not yet been altered or printed on. The fashion world’s plain piece of A4 paper. Yet, like that A4 paper, not all blanks are created equal, and True Blanks are, in our opinion, close to the perfect blank for print on demand. The True Blanks collection has around 70 garments to work with, separated into two collections that include both mens and womenswear. There’s kids and babywear too, if you’ve decided that’s going to be your creative direction. When choosing the best blanks to work with, think about whether your designs are more classic or contemporary. If you want more classic blanks, look at our Essentials collection. If your work is more experimental, perhaps aimed at a slightly younger demographic, explore the Contemporary range first. Each piece in the True Blanks collection is designed by our in-house atelier and created in custom blends of organic cotton and recycled polyester to some of the highest standards of quality in the industry. In short, your work is in safe hands.

think about the season

One thing to consider when creating a fashion collection is seasonality. Fashion typically works around Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter (or Fall/Winter), with variations in colour and garments based on these two periods. One of the hidden advantages of print on demand is that tailoring your collection using colour and garment type is easy. Lighter fabrics and brighter colours for the Sprint/summer and heavier garments with more muted tones in the winter are as easy as clicking your mouse.

bring it together as one

You’ve found your theme, made the artwork, chosen your blanks. Your fashion collection is ready to go, all that’s left is to set up your e-store and connect it to your Creator Studio MyStudio account so you can publish your products. Pricing-wise, that’s in your hands. But we’ll leave you with a recent interview we did with one of our new creators, Huston, who have some interesting insights into setting the right price.
This adventure is going to be one to remember. Go create!
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