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Creator Studio Content Policy

This Content Policy sets out norms and guidelines (“Content Policy”) and applies to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as ”You”) with Creator Studio (hereinafter referred to as “Creator Studio”, ”Us”, ”We” or "Our") at the relevant third party branded e-commerce store on the Creator Studio platform (hereinafter referred to as “Store” or "Service").
The content created by You on the store (``Creator Content``) must comply with the norms and guidelines set out in this Content Policy. When You agree to the terms and conditions (“Terms”), You also agree to be bound by this Content Policy. 
As a Creator using the Creator Studio Service, You must at all times comply with this Creator Studio content policy (“Content Policy”). Please note that this Content Policy is not exhaustive, and that Creator Studio reserves the right to make changes to the Content Policy from time to time. We reserve the right to reject, suspend or remove creator content for any reason at any time. We may temporarily or permanently ban accounts and/or users that violates this Content Policy. All defined terms used that are not defined in this Content Policy are defined in the Creator Studio Terms and Conditions & Terms of Service.

1. Intellectual property rights
  • Copyright and design rights: The Creator Content You provide to Creator Studio must be created by You or be content that You own or have a right to use. You may not copy or otherwise incorporate the work of someone else into Your Creator Content unless You have a right to do so. It is Your responsibility to make sure that Your Creator Content do not violate copyright laws or design rights. If You didn’t create the content, but copied someone else’s work without their permission, please make sure that You obtain their approval before any submission to Creator Studio, or You may not submit the content to Creator Studio. You are free to create a design and content based on the same idea or concept as others as long as You do so independently. If You are unsure, please make sure to obtain independent legal advice.
  • Trademarks and other intellectual property rights: Your Creator Content may not incorporate trademarks unless You have a right to use the trademarks. It is Your responsibility to make sure that Your Creator Content does not violate trademark rights or other intellectual property rights.

2. Laws and Regulations
Creator Studio does not permit content that violates the laws of the countries where Your Creator Product is being shipped to. It is Your responsibility to make sure that Your Creator Content do not violate laws and regulations in the countries in which You choose to ship to. Please obtain legal advice if You are unsure or think that there is a risk that Your content may violate laws or regulations.

3. Objectionable or otherwise offensive content
  • Profanity: Creator Studio does not allow discrimination and expression of hate or intolerance on the basis of gender and gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, nationality, ethnicity, familial status, age, religion, belief, education, socio-economic status, mental illness or disability, or any other legally recognized ground of discrimination.
  • Politically sensitive content
  • Promotion of violence, war, terrorism and criminal acts: Creator Studio does not allow Creator Content that promotes violence, war, terrorism or criminal acts, glorifies violence, war, terrorism or criminal acts, or attempts to incite violence, war, terrorism or criminal acts through cruelty, death, or torture against an individual or a group of individuals. Any content depicting or encouraging suicide, mass murder or other acts of violence are not permitted.
  • Nazism and unconstitutional organisations: Creator Content that promote Nazism is prohibited. Examples include images featuring Adolf Hitler, Swastika, or other Nazi related symbols. Please note that any Creator Content referencing unconstitutional or prohibited organisations is also prohibited. An example of such unconstitutional organisations are the organisations listed under the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
  • Drugs: Creator Studio does not allow content that promote or glorify the use of illegal drugs.
  • Nudity, objectification & Pornography: Creator Studio does not accept content displaying full nudity, objectification, content that alludes to sex or content displaying genitalia. Your Creator Content may not incorporate a pornographic or offensive depiction of graphic sexual acts. 
  • Child exploitation: Creator studio does not permit Creator Content that depict minors in a sexually suggestive manner. We define a minor as any person under the age of 18.
  • Violence to or abuse of animals: content depicting violence, sexual acts or cruelty to animals is not permitted.
  • Undemocratic values: Creator Studio represents democratic values and stands behind The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as stated by United Nations and reserves the right to reject, suspend or remove any Creator Content that is deemed to violate the aforementioned.
  • Children and Youth sizes: Creator Studio will protect Customers from questionable content on sizes for children and youth. Creator Content in child and youth sizes may not contain the following; (1) sexually suggestive designs or messages (this includes sexual innuendos, scantily clad models and jokes of a sexual nature); (2) promotion of violence (this includes implying inflicting physical harm to others, promoting the use of armed weapons, depictions of blood and gore and violent death); (3) profanity; (4) use of drugs or alcohol; and (5) other content unsuitable in relation to children and youth.