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Fashion engineered for print on demand merch.

True Blanks is the brand that your creativity and your fans have been waiting for – fashion engineered for merch. Three collections, custom-designed by our merch lab for Creator Studio, which are exclusively used by our print hubs. True Blanks distills the fashion heritage, quality and progressive design of the H&M Group's 75 years of fashion into each fibre and stitch.

Super high-quality fashion for this kind of merch did't exist, so we made it. Over 70 individual garments in classic or progressive cuts, crafted with real attention to detail and a quality that rivals the most premium labels

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Our collections are split into a two main ranges. The Essentials collection is classic and clean silhouettes for that heritage merch feeling. Our Contemporary collection is more progressive in style and cut. And there's blanks for the little ones too, plus a capsule collection investigating new sustainable fibres.

True Blanks are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester, in custom fibre blends, with consistent sizing and fit. The result is the new benchmark in merch-specific apparel, optimised for digital print on demand production.

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True Blanks

Easy To Get Started

Print On Demand

Global Consistency



create merch in 3 easy steps

Creator Studio makes it simple to bring your merch idea to life, using the power of print on demand for your e-commerce business to reach fans across the globe.

Create merch in 3 simple steps using our high-quality blanks and global print network to elevate your creativity and boost your brand. Sign up for free, upload your artwork and export your products to your e-store in minutes, with no minimum orders or overstock, zero investment up front and easy-to-use design tools to bring you unmatched levels of quality and creative flexibility.


choose your garment

Pick a garment for your design and, when your fans buy, Creator Studio takes care of the rest. Print on demand, fulfilment, packing and shipping are handled by our own global network, leaving you free to create and grow your brand.

True Blanks is our own specially-developed merch apparel brand, with over 70 garments to work with. Choose from two collections, Essentials and Contemporary, plus a kids and baby collection. Each piece is engineered for print on demand and made from our custom blends of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester.

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upload your designs & customise

Use Creator Studio's product creation platform, MyStudio to upload and apply your designs to your chosen garments. Then optimise the placement of your artwork, explore colourways and review your products with high-res previews. Our mockups are designed to enhance your product presentation when you publish them to your e-store.

  • Create your custom merch
  • Add your branding to the necklabel
  • Premium sustainable branded packaging
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sample, publish & grow


Order a sample of your merch to ensure the end product looks and feels exactly as you imagined.


Once you're happy, set your price and publish it to your Shopify store, or e-commerce print on demand store, automatically. Creator Studio is integrated with the leading e-coms platform Shopify, giving you access to all its tools for sellers. Best of all, you'll only be charged when you sell.


When your fans buy, our global network of print on demand hubs and fulfilment centres kick into action. We work out the fastest and shortest production and shipping route, to get your merch in your fans' hands in a matter of days. Less waste, minimal emissions, and maximum fan satisfaction, so you can just focus on growing your brand.

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Price breakdown

we only charge when you sell

Costs based on selling via your own e-coms store, integrated to Creator Studio Connect.

  • Sell globally
  • No hidden fees
  • Responsible production


You set the price for a sweatshirt


Production cost of that sweatshirt *


Delivery **


Your revenue


* Cost for Essentials Mens Sweatshirt, print, branded neck label, picking and packing. Cost shown excludes VAT.

** Creator Studio invoices the end customer delivery fee with no extra charges.

level up your custom merch


Production innovation and sustainable fashion blanks are our foundation. With digital on-demand printing, manufactured and produced in certified, trusted, audited factories, this is where it all starts.


With our plug & play fulfilment service, you can tap into our global network and enjoy a near-to-local fulfilment. With delivery of as fast as 3-5 days in combination with compliance with local laws and regulations, the products can be sold without any headaches.


With our white label e-commerce service we can create a unique, localised and adaptable experience centered around the needs of your brand and your fans. We make this possible by taping into our global network of local legal entities within the H&M group powered by our e-commerce platform.


Print on demand places less strain on our world's resources and also on you as a brand. It uses less energy and materials, printing pieces only when they're sold. It also means you don't have to store inventory or invest in bulk orders.


join the platform for creating next level print on demand merch

  • Sell globally
  • No hidden fees
  • Responsible production
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