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Connecting your Shopify store

Firstly, make sure you have created a MyStudio account and added your business details. Accessing Brand Details: Brands > Your brand > Store. 1. Navigate to "Brands" in the Navigation Bar: Click on "Brands" located in the navigation bar of Creator Studio. This is your gateway to managing and connecting your brands. 2. Select Your Brand: Find your brand in the list displayed. Click on it to access the brand details. 3. Access the "Store" Tab: Once you're in the brand details, head to the "Store" tab. This is where you'll initiate the connection process.

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Initiating the Connection: Connect with Shopify> Connect store > Complete connection. 1. Click "Connect with Shopify": Within the "Store" tab, you'll find the "Connect with Shopify" button. Click on it to begin the integration process. 2. Enter Your Shopify Store URL: You will be prompted to enter or copy & paste the URL of your Shopify store. Provide the accurate URL to ensure a successful connection. 3. Click "Connect Store": After entering the Shopify store URL, click on the "Connect Store" button. This will redirect you to Shopify.
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4. Install Creator Studio App on Shopify: While on Shopify, install the Creator Studio app. Follow the on-screen instructions within Shopify to complete the installation.

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5. Return to Creator Studio: Once the app is installed on Shopify, return to Creator Studio. Your store is now connected! 6. Assign Brands to Your Store: Proceed to the next step where you can select the specific brands you want to assign to this connected store. 7. Click "Complete Connection": Once you've made your brand selections, click on "Complete Connection." Your store is now connected, and the assigned brands are integrated.

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