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How do I order a sample or buy a product?

To buy a product for sampling or to wear straight away, please follow these easy steps.
First, ensure you are logged into your account. Creating an account is quick and hassle-free if you don't have one.
1. Design your desired product. Before you can purchase, you need to create a product. Using the intuitive tools and options in your MyStudio creator, design a product. Once you’re happy with your design, finalise and save it.
2. Order & Buy.
When you get confirmation that your new design is saved, scroll down to order it directly.
3. Select products. You’ll be taken to an overview of your products currently saved in MyStudio. Select the ones you’d like to order, choosing the colour, size and number of garments desired.
4. Checkout.
After confirming your product's details, proceed to the checkout process and follow the prompts.
Payment. For private customers we accept credit card payments. Invoicing options are available for your convenience if you have a business account with us.

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