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How do I create a product?

Creating a product in My Studio is simple. Once you have an account and are logged in, follow the steps below:
1. Select Your Garment. Begin by choosing a garment from our exclusive True Blanks merch apparel brand.
2. Design Your Product.
Upload your design to the selected garment using the Creator Studio's product creation tool. Or use our tools that make designing amazing artwork a sinch.
AI-Enhanced Artwork Creation: For those seeking innovation, leverage our powerful AI to craft unique artworks.
Multiple Artwork Layers: Combine multiple artworks and text to one or more layers. You can also lock your layers to specific colourways.
Add Text Layers: Personalise your design by adding text layers – choosing from various fonts and styles.
Pre-made Illustrations: For a faster design process or to kick-start your imagination, select from our library of pre-made illustrations.
Finalise Your Design: Adjust artwork placement, experiment with different colours, and get a high-resolution preview of the final product. Once satisfied, save your design. It will then be stored under "My products" on the left-hand menu bar in MyStudio.
3. Purchase or Market Your Custom Product:
Place an Order: You can directly purchase your custom product. Click on "order product" in the left-hand menu bar in My Studio, select the product, choose your size, add how many you want and proceed to checkout.
Sell to Your Fans: If you run an e-store, effortlessly integrate and export the newly created product, making it available for your fans and customers to purchase.

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