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Connect your WooCommerce store to Creator Studio

A. Configure permalinks to use “wc/v3/products” structure to support the RESTAPIs
  1. Go to WooCommerce Settings then select Permalinks tab
  2. Change your permalinks setting to something other than plain.
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B. Create REST API Consumer Key and Token
  1. Go to “Settings” under “WooCommerce” tab
  2. Click on the “Advanced” in the opened page
  3. Click on the “REST API” section
  4. Click on “Add Key” button to create a REST API key.

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C. Details for the API Key
  1. Enter a description for the API Key for the creator to follow easily
  2. Select “Read/Write” permissions for the API Key
  3. Click on “Generate API Key” button to proceed.
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D. Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
1. Copy Consumer key & Consumer secret to share with Creator Studio. Note that this information cannot be retrieved again.

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