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How is organic cotton and recycled polyester sustainable?

The cotton in True Blanks garments is 100% organic. Organic cotton cultivation benefits the environment in many ways. As it doesn't use chemical pesticides and insecticides, it improves soil condition, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, strengthens biodiversity, and improves cotton growers' health. It also has socio-economic benefits. Farming organically costs less and also means farmers can generate additional income from other growing other crops alongside the organic cotton.

All the polyester we use in our garments is recycled. It has the same properties as conventional virgin polyester and is strong, durable and moisture resistant. Virgin polyester is an artificial fibre made from oil and is a material used widely around the world. Recycled polyester is a more sustainable option made from oil-based waste, such as PET bottles — a way of preventing plastic waste from ending up in landfills.

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