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What are you doing to be sustainable and responsible?


Our journey to responsible merch begins with replacing 'minimum order quantity' to a situation where demand leads supply. Your designs live online until one of your fans makes a purchase, only then will we print the merch. You don't need to hold stock, there's zero waste from overproduction and no startup costs.


Making things to order is great. Making things to order in hubs close to your customers is even better. As part of the H&M Group, you can tap into its global production network and use our tech to get your merch printed closer to your fans. This means lower emissions plus quicker production and fulfilment for your fans too. A win-win for the planet and people.
As a part of Creator Studio, you'll be using True Blanks, our own merch fashion label, made with 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. Like our chain of print hubs, the entire production chain is owned and controlled by us, so we can monitor and control every stage, to secure the quality of each garment. Engineered for on demand printing, True Blanks is the only apparel used for Creator Studio merchandise, so your fans get exceptional quality as standard.
Your merch will be shipped in fully-recyclable and reusable packaging that's been developed by the H&M Group. Plastic-free without compromising on the protection of its contents, the packaging comes in four sizes to reduce waste and is FSC C117673-certified. To date, 90 million of these packages have been sent, which is a huge step towards a completely plastic-free delivery system.


Our print hubs play a large role in making responsible products, specifically the printers and ink they use. The entire Creator Studio print network uses the latest Kornit Atlas digital printers, among the most advanced and robust print machines in the industry.
Aside from the reproduction of images, the printers use Kornit’s proprietary ink formulation, Neopigment. This ink is water-based and eco-friendly, with an industry-leading white opacity and consistent vibrancy across the colour gamut.


Making your merch with Creator Studio means you're also benefiting from the H&M Group's investments into responsibility within its fashion chain. These investments have a central goal of net-zero emissions by 2040, with a minimum reduction of 20% by 2025.


Our production partners and their businesses have been selected very carefully, as part of the H&M Group's work towards responsible fashion. As well as the quality of their output, we examine how they use energy and where it comes from, waste and resource management. These progressive partners share our view that everything we do together should have a positive impact on our world.

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