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What is True Blanks?

Creator Studio began as an idea to challenge the perceptions of today’s merch landscape and turn it into a creative force for expression. To do this, we examined the production and design tools, to inform Creator Studio as a service, but we also looked into the garments themselves. The latter is the seed for True Blanks – our own fashion label, made for merch

women wearing true blanks WOMENS OVERSIZED HOODIE

Calle Malmgren is Creative Director of the True Blanks label, with years of fashion industry experience under his belt and hands-on merch knowledge at his disposal. True Blanks is a manifestation of this love of merch, fashion and that gut feeling you have when you know how powerful a concept is when executed properly:

"I've been in bands all my life, making t-shirts for tours, so I know the merch pains. With this in mind, we want to raise the bar in every respect and truly own the design process of True Blanks. In our eyes, everyone should be able to make small quantities of premium merch and express their creativity. Print on demand enables endless ways to give your fans relevant merch, activate drops, stay fluid, fuel events, customise and co-create. True Blanks is about challenging the industry and eradicating sub-standard blanks so your merch can be truly next level."

women wearing true blanks WOMENS OVERSIZED SWEATSHIRT

Since the blanks we wanted didn’t exist, we made them. True Blanks garments are engineered from the ground up for Creator Studio and our creators. Every stitch, the fabric composition and weight, the details, and sizing consistency… all optimised to match our printers and production chain. It all adds up to better print quality, consistency on a global scale and merch that channels the spirit of the heritage merch we love so much while also breaking new ground.

man wearing true blanks MENS BOXY SWEATSHIRT

These garments are exclusive to you as a creator and are used by all our production collaborators and print hubs across the globe. Premium quality garments, informed by decades of fashion know-how and tailor-made for your merch.

Building Your Spring 2024 Collection - cover photo

Building Your Spring 2024 Collection

Spring is approaching, with new tonal colourways, lighter garments and emerging themes to explore in your work. We sat with Creator Studio and True Blanks designer Anna Keo to drill into her key thoughts for Spring 2024 to help you hone your drop.

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Which True Blank is right for your merch?

Our True Blanks fashion collections are unique in the merch industry, exclusively engineered by our atelier to be the perfect match for your Creator Studio products. There are two collections, and each piece has its own unique details and features.

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