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Which True Blank is right for your merch?

Our True Blanks fashion collections are unique in the merch industry, exclusively engineered by our atelier to be the perfect match for your Creator Studio products. There are two collections, and each piece has its own unique details and features.

In this post, we’ll break down the differences between Essentials and Contemporary collections, to help you discover the best canvas for your masterpieces. We tapped True Blanks designer, Ina Hjelte to give us an overview.

“All the collections are built as families. So you can think of each piece as a sibling that shares similar DNA but is also unique and individual,” says Hjelte.

“In the Essentials collection, details are minimal, but they have a purpose and reason. You can say that this collection has a classic fit with a modern, soft hand feel. Contemporary garments are more directional and experimental in details, cut and also textile composition. They feel a little heavier in the hand, like heritage merch pieces,” she explains.

Simply put, if you’re looking to create a merch line that feels ‘traditional’ Essentials is the first place to look. Whereas, if your designs are pitched to a more edgy, fashion-led audience Contemporary is where you’ll be pulling garms.

  • Classic silhouettes
  • Medium-weight fabrics
  • Refined details
  • Soft hand feel
  • 100% organic cotton or recycled polyester

  • Progressive silhouettes
  • Slightly matt, rawness to the touch
  • Deliberate detailing
  • Heavier-weight fabric compositions
  • 100% organic cotton or recycled polyester

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true blanks hoodie and sweatshirt

What is True Blanks?

And why do we have our own merch apparel label? In our eyes, a good garment is the foundation of merch. The quality, the way it enhances your artwork, the fit, sizing and cut all combine to lift your ideas to the next level.

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