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AWAL breaks the traditions of record labels and music publishing to give its artists a freedom and empowerment beyond that of major labels.

Bringing Freedom of Expression to Independent Artists

The work of the AWAL record label stands in stark opposition to ageing structures with a platform that empowers its artists.
An alternative to conventional record labels, AWAL is a distributor with a unique offering created to empower independent artists. An acronym of Artists Without A Label, it was founded in the UK in 2011 to support and distribute the work of artists and producers without them relinquishing ownership or control of their music.
With a structure that pays out as much as 80% of streaming revenue to artists, AWAL has an impressive roster of talent and signings including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, You Me at Six, Banks and deadmau5’s own label, mau5trap.
As well as the support it provides for its artists, AWAL is also active on a community and social activism level, using merch as a key player in raising awareness as well as funds for its causes.
AWAL’s merch isn’t just great to look at, proceeds go towards the causes it supports.
Stockholm-based Aloaded challenges the old ways of distributing

Disruption from within

Stockholm-based Aloaded draws on the pre-digital traditions of being a record producer, label, and distributor to bring an artist of today a level of service they’d never get from the global giants. Disrupting the norms, yes. But not how you’d expect.

Meet Aloaded
Impact Gym in Stockholm is more than just a Muay Thai and martial arts centre. It's a community, drawing people together from all walks of life.

Deeper Community Connections

Can merch strengthen the communal bonds between groups of people?

Meet Impact Gym
Jung are part of the new wave of Scandinavian artists evolving the melodic pop sound. With a wide range of influences, their artistry extends beyond the recording studio into the visual sphere.

Jung at Heart

Jung is one of a handful of bands reshaping the Swedish melodic pop landscape. Formed by Henrik and Tom Ljungqvist, the brothers are constantly pushing the boundaries of their sound but also how Jung is seen visually – including its merch.

Meet Jung
Maxida Märak stands proud in her own merch. A strong, powerful, charismatic performer and activist, she champions the rights of the Sámi people.

Powerful Outspoken Words

A powerhouse of a creative, Sami rights and real social issues are just a few of the themes that Maxida Märak champions in her work.

Meet Maxida