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seamless webstore integrations

Creator Studio's integrations makes it easy to bring your merch idea to life, using the power of print on demand for your e-commerce business, to reach customers across the globe. Choose from Shopify, WooCommerce or our open API.
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supported integrations

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Powerful tools, global payments, intuitive dashboard, one-click checkout, custom e-store themes and more.

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woo commerce

Integrates with WordPress, custom themes, useful plugins, free options, open source, and no 3rd party payment fees.

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custom api

Custom integration to existing e-stores with our API. Reach out for more information.

SEAMLESS & SIMPLEconnect in clicks
Connecting to Shopify and Woocommerce is quick and easy, linking your MyStudio products to your webstore of choice. If you should encounter any issues during the set up, or wish to run through the process before you begin, our helpcentre has more information. And we're on hand every step of the way, if you need more of a human touch.
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