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A NEW TYPE OF artist & band merch

give your fans headline quality merch

Whether you're a record label, promotor, emerging artist or established band, level up your custom band merch with Creator Studio. Use our global print on demand network, easy-to-use creator tools and industry-leading fashion blanks to create and sell merchandise for artists fast.

Create & sell instantly

Use our simple, powerful creator tools to design your artist merch in minutes and sell through Shopify, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok and more. Plus, our in-house apparel will bring your fans back for more.

zero risk & no investment

What does it cost to start making great quality merch for your artist or band? If you use Creator Studio print on demand - nothing. We charge only when your fans buy a garment.

Gigs & Pop-ups

If you want to make tour merch, without having to live with boxes of unsold garments, print on demand is the perfect answer. We'll pre-deliver straight to any venues that are happy to accept it.

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Creator Studio - Image

artist merch for tours

merch straight to the venue

Say goodbye to touring with boxes of merch. With Creator Studio's band and artist merch, you can design from anywhere and send it to each of your venues so they're already pre-stocked when you arrive. The flexibility of print on demand also opens up the scope to capture the moment, like creating limited editions for each destination, or unique behind-the-scenes imagery for your fans to enjoy. Whether you're a record label, independent band, or multi-platinum artist, it's a new dawn for merch and this is your AAA pass.

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Are you interested in merch for an upcoming gig or tour? Creator Studio currently offer a no minimum order+ship directly to venue service in the US and EU, please note that this is based on venues that will be able to receive shipment and with 2 months notice/heads up.

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Boutique-quality merch fashion

true blanks is made for band merch

We live for merch and know the difference a quality t-shirt or hoodie makes in the eyes of your fans. That's why we set out to develop the finest merch blanks in the industry, to match our state-of-the-art on demand printing network. Large printable areas, front and rear, customisable neck labels plus packaging, and our own blends of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester will bring your fans a next level merch experience.

  • Responsible production
  • Durable Direct to Garment printing
  • Industry-leading apparel
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Creator Studio - Image

Price breakdown

we only charge when you sell

Costs based on selling via your own e-coms store, integrated to Creator Studio Connect.

  • Sell globally
  • No hidden fees
  • Responsible production


You set the price for a sweatshirt


Production cost of that sweatshirt *


Delivery **


Your revenue


* Cost for Essentials Mens Sweatshirt, print, branded neck label, picking and packing. Cost shown excludes VAT.

** Creator Studio invoices the end customer delivery fee with no extra charges.

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all you need is the artwork

  • Unlock creativity risk free
  • Test drop and evaluate potential
  • Capture the moment and be locally relevant
  • Engage your hardcore fans with limited editions
  • Scale up seamlessly when sales increase
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Creator Studio - ImageCreator Studio - ImageCreator Studio - Image


Frequently asked questions

We have no start-up fees and no minimum order quantity, so it is basically free to get going. When you sell a product, we will charge you for the cost of the product, the printing and fulfillment. All prices are available in My Studio, which you reference when you calculate the prices for your merch.

Currently, we have integrations with Shopify but we also provide an Open API solution.

We currently have fulfilment to 204 countries. For US and the EU we do the fulfilment locally. For the rest of the world, we use EU hubs.


join the platform for creating next level print on demand merch

  • Sell globally
  • No hidden fees
  • Responsible production
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