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Artwork Content Policy

Artworks used on Creator Studio must adhere to our content policy. Products found to be in violation of the content policy will be removed or blocked. We monitor and moderate all content.

Intellectual property rights and third-party representation.
Please do not use names, logos, trademarks, portraits, depictions of celebrities, entertainers or famous characters, and other unlicensed third-party imagery belonging to someone else. Artworks used must be created or owned by you.

Inappropriate and unethical content.
Creator Studio does not allow or endorse artwork containing profanity, promotion of violence, war and acts of terrorism, criminality, drug use, nudity, objectification or pornography, child exploitation, animal abuse and other illegal activities. It is your responsibility as a Creator to follow these guidelines and we reserve the right to remove or block products we find in violation of these principles.
For more information on our content policy, click here.

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