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How to handle orders returned with “FAILED” OrderStatus?

Background: WooCommerce shops require billing information to process an order and do not explicitly ask for shipping information while creating an order.
This hinders our platform from fulfilling orders that are missing or have an invalid shipping address.
Make sure the order address consists of the following fields:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
What leads to the above scenario: If the ‘order.created’ event from WooCommerce does not send shipping details or has invalid shipping details, we will not be able to process/fulfill that order in our system. How will you be informed? If we encounter the above scenario for an order, we will return OrderStatus as ‘FAILED’,and the ‘FAILURE_REASON’ and ‘error.message’ as the metadata information. We will then close that order in our system.
Next steps? When you receive the OrderStatus as ‘failed’ for a specific order, you may need to contact your respective customer and inform them about the missing/invalid details provided via metadata, as explained above.
The customer will then have to place a new order with the correct shipping details.

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