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As far as subcultures go, Cycle Couriers are a breed apart who see the world from a different perspective.

Take a Joyride

Couriers are a subculture that exists in pretty much every metropolis; their daily rides and rituals are almost immune to changes in technology and trends that come and go. When you need something to get from A to B, there’s no quicker way to get it done.

Josef Lindqvist is a cycle courier and founder of the independent Stockholm-based courier collective, Joyride. He spends his days' rain or shine on the streets of the city he feels he ‘owns’, with a relationship to its roads, paths and passageways other residents could never lay claim to.

“I own the whole city. In this job you ride among a population dressed in their fine clothes but to be a courier and do what I do means to own your entire city,” he explains, pausing with one of his fellow couriers in the centre of town to grab a much-needed bite to eat.

“I that I’m among the people but have the freedom to move how I want to. It feels like I’m flying, riding on this wave, with these small interactions with people that last just a few seconds and then I’m back flying again,” he smiles, watching cars stream around the iconic Sergels Torg roundabout.

While he does feel that his lifestyle has isolated him from developing close, intimate relationships, he’s quick to point out that being a part of the courier culture gives him a community that forges strong bonds with its members.

“Sometimes I feel a little alone because there’s nobody who gets to truly know me because I have this freedom to roam how and where I want to. I’ve always felt that I’m different but the togetherness that I feel from the cycle courier world makes a connection between me and the other ‘courier freaks’,” he smiles again, flashing his gold tooth from under his moustache, before pulling up the sleeve on tie dye hoodie and fastening his helmet.

And then, he’s gone, weaving his way back into the traffic, flying on his wave for another brief interaction with Stockholm and its people.

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Oscar Zia wearing his merch in a photo studio

Oscar Worthy Merch

Multifaceted recording artist Oscar Zia is a creative soul in full bloom. Emerging from the hit Swedish series Idol, Zia transitioned into the mainstream with his first album, I Don’t Know How to Dance, in 2014. As Zia prepares for his 2024 tour, he’s working with Creator Studio to develop a merch concept that will bring him closer to his fans. We spoke with Oscar, digging into his merch experiences and exploring his various creative personas.

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Huston's got your back - cover photo

Huston's got your back

Huston’s journey to the land of on demand merch is inspiration and refreshing. A compact but effective design and advertising studio by trade, its founders use merch as an extra communication channel and a way to exercise their creative muscles when ideas hit. We hopped on a call with co-founder Andreas Lucaci for a fascinating chat on the creative landscapes.

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Merch From the Esport Gods - cover photo

Merch From the Esport Gods

Swedish esports organisation Godsent was formed in 2016 and has built a legacy of world-class performances in competitive Counter Strike. Today, the organisation can claim to be one of the primal forces in Nordic gaming. With merch playing an important role in the competitive gaming universe, we chat to Godsent’s CEO and head of E-commerce and merchandising to find out more.

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Valerie and Tim from Nomad Family

Always a Nomad

Based in Åre, Northern Sweden, The Nomads Family are Valerie Cook, Tim Boffe and their two children. Hailing from Belgium, they spent many years travelling and experiencing life’s nuances in Central Europe and America, living in their ‘Nomads Bus’ before settling in Åre. Immersing themselves in the culture of Sweden’s skiing and mountain biking mecca, the multi-tasking Nomads already have many projects bubbling. With their new merch collection dropping, we spoke to them about life on and off the road.

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