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Hosting: Creative Community Talks in Berlin

We linked with local agency deadHYPE for a series of talks examining community, digital activation and merch as a vehicle for scaling and extending brands. Joining us were panellists Sina Bredthauer, Visionary Services, Dr Sabine Röthig and Benni's Buffets, who bounced ideas with our guests from across Berlin’s creative scenes. Berlin’s creative commerce is a currency in a class of its own. An ever-changing city blending countless sub-cultures, it’s a launchpad for progressive thoughts, visual manifestations, and ideas.
Visionary Services Agency, Sabine RöthigBennis BuffetSina Bredthauer
“To meet creatives in a city that’s a beacon for original creative movements and forms is very special. The synergies between what we’re doing at Creator Studio and True Blanks, and the expressions of the creators who joined us are clear and strong. Berlin and Creator Studio are a close-to-perfect match; two entities that breathe innovation and authenticity.” Carl Malmgren, Creative Director, Creator Studio & True Blanks.
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In addition to the discussions, our guests seized the chance to go hands-on and create with our CREATE:KIOSK and CREATE:AR live experiences. There’s so much to gain from these physical meetings and exchanges of ideas and feedback, so huge thanks to everyone who showed up and shared their perspectives.

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"The future of merch is one that we shape together, with insight and direction from the people who are using the platform and tools we're developing." Nasrin Iranfar, Head of Commercial, Creator Studio
Oscar Zia wearing his merch in a photo studio

Oscar Worthy Merch

Multifaceted recording artist Oscar Zia is a creative soul in full bloom. Emerging from the hit Swedish series Idol, Zia transitioned into the mainstream with his first album, I Don’t Know How to Dance, in 2014. As Zia prepares for his 2024 tour, he’s working with Creator Studio to develop a merch concept that will bring him closer to his fans. We spoke with Oscar, digging into his merch experiences and exploring his various creative personas.

Meet Oscar Zia
Huston's got your back - cover photo

Huston's got your back

Huston’s journey to the land of on demand merch is inspiration and refreshing. A compact but effective design and advertising studio by trade, its founders use merch as an extra communication channel and a way to exercise their creative muscles when ideas hit. We hopped on a call with co-founder Andreas Lucaci for a fascinating chat on the creative landscapes.

Meet Huston agency
Merch From the Esport Gods - cover photo

Merch From the Esport Gods

Swedish esports organisation Godsent was formed in 2016 and has built a legacy of world-class performances in competitive Counter Strike. Today, the organisation can claim to be one of the primal forces in Nordic gaming. With merch playing an important role in the competitive gaming universe, we chat to Godsent’s CEO and head of E-commerce and merchandising to find out more.

Meet Godsent
Valerie and Tim from Nomad Family

Always a Nomad

Based in Åre, Northern Sweden, The Nomads Family are Valerie Cook, Tim Boffe and their two children. Hailing from Belgium, they spent many years travelling and experiencing life’s nuances in Central Europe and America, living in their ‘Nomads Bus’ before settling in Åre. Immersing themselves in the culture of Sweden’s skiing and mountain biking mecca, the multi-tasking Nomads already have many projects bubbling. With their new merch collection dropping, we spoke to them about life on and off the road.

Meet The Nomads Family
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