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Maxida Märak stands proud in her own merch. A strong, powerful, charismatic performer and activist, she champions the rights of the Sámi people.

Powerful Outspoken Words

A powerhouse of a creative, Sámi rights and real social issues are just a few of the themes that Maxida Märak champions in her work.

Multi-talented Swedish-Sámi joik singer, hip hop artist, actress and activist, Maxida Märak is one of Sweden’s most fluid creators. With a charismatic stage presence and outspoken informed attitude, she’s paving the way for Sámi creators and lifting Sámi rights.

As a recording artist, Märak has a string of albums and EPs to her name, predominantly hip hop but drawing influences from many genres. Critics and fans often refer to her stage presence, whether performing or in tv appearances – in which she can often be passionately and brutally to the point. A refreshing standpoint in a sea of homogenised, groomed, PC pop acts. And it’s not just the struggles of the Sámi people that Märak touches on in her music and commentary but also the problems of general society and its daily grind.

Style-wise too, Märak exudes honesty and authenticity. She is who she is; a proud mother, a member of a unique community and it’s from her roots and daily life that she draws her power.

Maxida’s CREATOR STUDIO merch brings bold graphic motifs and stylised Nordic wilderness scenes.

Hardcore Creativity - cover photo

Hardcore Creativity

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True Romance

In 1996, 15-year-old Linda Sundblad joined the Swedish rock group Lambretta. The bold move paved the way for a genre-bending career that’s seen her work with super producers and rappers, and work in front of the camera as a model. On the verge of a renaissance this year, we chatted to Sundblad about everything from her experiences with record labels to her motivation for singing and style.

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Hosting: Creative Community Talks in Berlin

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Oscar Zia wearing his merch in a photo studio

Oscar Worthy Merch

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