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Maxida Märak stands proud in her own merch. A strong, powerful, charismatic performer and activist, she champions the rights of the Sámi people.

Powerful Outspoken Words

A powerhouse of a creative, Sámi rights and real social issues are just a few of the themes that Maxida Märak champions in her work.
Multi-talented Swedish-Sámi joik singer, hip hop artist, actress and activist, Maxida Märak is one of Sweden’s most fluid creators. With a charismatic stage presence and outspoken informed attitude, she’s paving the way for Sámi creators and lifting Sámi rights.
As a recording artist, Märak has a string of albums and EPs to her name, predominantly hip hop but drawing influences from many genres. Critics and fans often refer to her stage presence, whether performing or in tv appearances – in which she can often be passionately and brutally to the point. A refreshing standpoint in a sea of homogenised, groomed, PC pop acts. And it’s not just the struggles of the Sámi people that Märak touches on in her music and commentary but also the problems of general society and its daily grind.
Style-wise too, Märak exudes honesty and authenticity. She is who she is; a proud mother, a member of a unique community and it’s from her roots and daily life that she draws her power.
Maxida’s CREATOR STUDIO merch brings bold graphic motifs and stylised Nordic wilderness scenes.
Stockholm-based Aloaded challenges the old ways of distributing

Disruption from within

Stockholm-based Aloaded draws on the pre-digital traditions of being a record producer, label, and distributor to bring an artist of today a level of service they’d never get from the global giants. Disrupting the norms, yes. But not how you’d expect.

Meet Aloaded
Impact Gym in Stockholm is more than just a Muay Thai and martial arts centre. It's a community, drawing people together from all walks of life.

Deeper Community Connections

Can merch strengthen the communal bonds between groups of people?

Meet Impact Gym
Jung are part of the new wave of Scandinavian artists evolving the melodic pop sound. With a wide range of influences, their artistry extends beyond the recording studio into the visual sphere.

Jung at Heart

Jung is one of a handful of bands reshaping the Swedish melodic pop landscape. Formed by Henrik and Tom Ljungqvist, the brothers are constantly pushing the boundaries of their sound but also how Jung is seen visually – including its merch.

Meet Jung
As far as subcultures go, Cycle Couriers are a breed apart who see the world from a different perspective.

Take a Joyride

Couriers are a subculture that exists in pretty much every metropolis; their daily rides and rituals are almost immune to changes in technology and trends that come and go. When you need something to get from A to B, there’s no quicker way to get it done

Meet Josef