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Creator Studio Popup at Disney’s Wonder of Friendship: The Experience

Experiencing the Wonder of Merch with Disney

Our Create:AR solution immerses a customer in the creative power of merch on demand, using augmented reality to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Through an augmented reality headset, we bring fully customisable merch into the world around us.
It’s a live merch experience that’s hyper-creative, exceptionally engaging and forges a unique bond between the person making the merch and their finished custom garment. The perfect merch forum for companies that thrive on being fast to adopt innovation to bring their audiences new ways to experience their favourite brands.
create your own disney merch with creator studio
This year, to mark its centenary, Disney opened the doors to a multi-sensory pop-up experience entitled Disney Wonder or Friendship: The Experience, kicking off in London and travelling to cities throughout Europe. So, alongside the event’s immersive installations, and happenings, we took our Create:AR set up to London for a merch popup in the event’s retail area, to enhance the experience for Disney fans.
We created an augmented world, populated by family favourites like Mickey & Friends, The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch and Alice in Wonderland. Visitors were able to let their creativity run wild using either augmented reality or a touch screen (our Create:Kiosk) to interact with this virtual experience and create their very own garments.
Create:AR at Disney's Wonder of Friendshipcreate your own disney merch with create:ARcreate:kiosk is creator studios touchscreen solution with a lot of possibilities
It's not every day you can say you’re wearing a customised Disney-inspired garment, but a centenary celebration deserves to be remembered in style. Happy 100 Years of Disney!
Valerie and Tim from Nomad Family

Always a Nomad

Based in Åre, Northern Sweden, The Nomads Family are Valerie Cook, Tim Boffe and their two children. Hailing from Belgium, they spent many years travelling and experiencing life’s nuances in Central Europe and America, living in their ‘Nomads Bus’ before settling in Åre. Immersing themselves in the culture of Sweden’s skiing and mountain biking mecca, the multi-tasking Nomads already have many projects bubbling. With their new merch collection dropping, we spoke to them about life on and off the road.

Meet The Nomads Family
& the Table - cover photo

& the Table

Nourishment is a basic human need. Beyond food and water, we’re physical beings that also need nourishment in more cerebral and physical forms. It’s a topic that comes up often during our discussion with Sam Wolfson, founder of & the Table. Her concept brings together six women for nourishment in a safe environment where they can fully express themselves. It's food for the soul, for the mind and in the bonds that emerge afterwards. & the Table is more than a dining concept, and it’s growing fast. We caught up Wolfson to feed our curiosity.

Meet & the Table
benson boone in his contemporary boxy tee

Finger On the Pulse

American singer/songwriter, Benson Boone is blazing hot right now. At just 21, he’s signed to Warner Records, touring extensively and building a rabid fanbase across the world. His latest EP, Pulse has recently dropped, showing the songwriter’s expressive skills as a writer and singer – honed through Boone’s collaborations and workshopping with Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan Reynolds. Not content to confine his creativity to stage and studio, Benson’s linked up with Creator Studio for his merch line, a project that’s close to his heart. We caught up with him to talk about influences, architecture, and the significance of merch to him and his fans.

Meet Benson Boone
Fotografiska merch, Hans Gedda, In bloom

Picture Perfect Merch

Based in Stockholm, Fotografiska has risen fast to become one of the vanguards of photography as an art form. From the beginning, Fotografiska has adopted a demographic approach to curation and spatial design, with a holistic identity that begins the moment a visitor enters the museum. With a thriving store, and restaurant as popular as its galleries, Fotografiska has now linked with Creator Studio to expand its merch offering. We chatted to Eva-Lena Degerhäll, director of retail at Fotografiska about the experience so far.

Meet Fotografiska
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