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Creator Studio Popup at Disney’s Wonder of Friendship: The Experience

Experiencing the Wonder of Merch with Disney

Our Create:AR solution immerses a customer in the creative power of merch on demand, using augmented reality to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Through an augmented reality headset, we bring fully customisable merch into the world around us.

It’s a live merch experience that’s hyper-creative, exceptionally engaging and forges a unique bond between the person making the merch and their finished custom garment. The perfect merch forum for companies that thrive on being fast to adopt innovation to bring their audiences new ways to experience their favourite brands.

This year, to mark its centenary, Disney opened the doors to a multi-sensory pop-up experience entitled Disney Wonder or Friendship: The Experience, kicking off in London and travelling to cities throughout Europe. So, alongside the event’s immersive installations, and happenings, we took our Create:AR set up to London for a merch popup in the event’s retail area, to enhance the experience for Disney fans.

We created an augmented world, populated by family favourites like Mickey & Friends, The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch and Alice in Wonderland. Visitors were able to let their creativity run wild using either augmented reality or a touch screen (our Create:Kiosk) to interact with this virtual experience and create their very own garments.

It's not every day you can say you’re wearing a customised Disney-inspired garment, but a centenary celebration deserves to be remembered in style. Happy 100 Years of Disney!

Hardcore Creativity - cover photo

Hardcore Creativity

Marc UÅ is a creator whose subculture of choice lies at the core of everything he is and does. He’s a creator who is the product of a scene and a creator who produces for the scene.

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True Romance - cover photo

True Romance

In 1996, 15-year-old Linda Sundblad joined the Swedish rock group Lambretta. The bold move paved the way for a genre-bending career that’s seen her work with super producers and rappers, and work in front of the camera as a model. On the verge of a renaissance this year, we chatted to Sundblad about everything from her experiences with record labels to her motivation for singing and style.

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Hosting: Creative Community Talks in Berlin - cover photo

Hosting: Creative Community Talks in Berlin

Berlin is a centre of culture that refuses to stop innovating, a place that embraces changes in direction, styles and ideals. We took a road trip to Germany’s capital to host panel talks with some of its most innovative creatives in an event that blended merch with discussions on digital processes, communal bonds and progressive brand building.

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Oscar Zia wearing his merch in a photo studio

Oscar Worthy Merch

Multifaceted recording artist Oscar Zia is a creative soul in full bloom. Emerging from the hit Swedish series Idol, Zia transitioned into the mainstream with his first album, I Don’t Know How to Dance, in 2014. As Zia prepares for his 2024 tour, he’s working with Creator Studio to develop a merch concept that will bring him closer to his fans. We spoke with Oscar, digging into his merch experiences and exploring his various creative personas.

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