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What happens to orders that could not be delivered or were not picked up?

Sometimes, a parcel cannot be delivered, which usually means an address is incomplete or requires further information. For example, a company name, floor number or C/O is missing. Another scenario is that the parcel is held by customs due to missing information or that a customs fee is required by the parcel’s recipient.
Parcels that cannot be delivered will, eventually, make their way back to us. For European and US orders, this usually takes 1-2 months after it was first shipped out from the printing facility. For other international orders, it may take longer, depending on the processes per country.
Once a parcel is received back to one of our warehouses, we normally have the possibility to update the address information and resend it to the original recipient. Contact us for arranging re-shipping at
Be aware that the reshipping comes with new shipping charges, along with a handling fee of €5 or $5 – the additional shipping cost is dependent on the ship-to-country. The information above is not valid for DHL express orders.

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