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Fonts & Line Thickness


We’ve carried out print tests using serif and sans-serif typefaces in multiple sizes. Our conclusions are that it’s important to use a minimum 7 point size but recommend at least a 9 on serif and sans-serif typefaces for reliable legibility when printed. Order a sample of your product to ensure quality before making it live, and it’s a good practice to order smaller and bigger sizes of a product to check your fonts hold when your artwork is scaled.
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Line Thickness

For both black on white and white on black, we recommend a minimum of 6 pixels in weight or more for a defined, legible line that holds its own when your artwork is scaled between XS-3XL sized apparel. It is possible to go down to 4 pixels in line weight if you wish, but anywhere lower than that and you may find the outcome lacking in visual punch. Our trials also show that 1-3 pixels in weight for white lines on black garments were of a notably lower quality outcome compared to black on white. If in doubt, please order a sample.
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