Creator studio

the ultimate artwork placement control

Creator Studio’s Direct to Film (DTF) is a versatile way to produce your merch. A multi-stage process, it gives you flexibility in terms of artwork placement without the restrictions of other production methods. You can print across seams, and it gives a consistent print outcome on different types of textiles as well.
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unrestricted artwork placement
With direct to film printing, you can print outside of the regular print area on garments. For example, down the sides of our sweatshirts or wrapping around an entire t-shirt. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you make your first design.
Creator Studio - Image
Creator Studio - Image
how it works
Direct-to-film production is where an artwork is first printed onto an adhesive film, which is then heat-transferred onto a garment or accessory. The heated artwork flows across seams or chunky textures, which is why we use this process as standard if you make custom caps with Creator Studio. We also use it for your custom-branded neck labels.