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true blanks new colourway drop, hyper pink, toffee

New True Blanks Colourway Drop

These new hues are developed to extend the men's and women's Hoodie, plus women’s Sweatshirt and Crop Top. All are available at Creator Studio now. 
Talking to our True Blanks designer, Ina Hjelte, she notes that; “Right now we’re seeing more colours with impact and wanted to develop some bright and powerful hues, to create contrast with our soft basics.”
new colours for true blanks
On the Mens Contemporary Hoodie, there’s Toffée, a creamy foundation that pops against bright artwork and also works well in a utility/workwear scenario. The Womens Contemporary Sweatshirt gets a strong and fresh Primrose Yellow. Finally, the vibrant Hyper Pink is added to the Womens Contemporary Hoodie and Crop Top. 
Head to MyStudio now and go create with these new tones.
true blanks contemporary women oversized tee off white

New True Blanks Garment: Womens Oversized Tee

The Womens Oversized Tee is the latest addition to the True Blanks Contemporary Collection, designed in-house and engineered for merch on demand.

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