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unforgettable immersive merch adventures

Hypercharge your live shows, events, in-store installations and popups with unique live merch experiences that turn merch into memories. Take your fans into another dimension and let their fingertips turn your artwork into one-off custom merch. Creator Studio's groundbreaking live experiences connect you and your fans on a revolutionary new level.
A user explore an AR merch experience made by Creator Studio
CREATE:ARAR-powered merch activations
Create:AR takes your brand into the future of custom merch. Using tailored Augmented Reality (AR ) experiences, your fans enter a world where they can manipulate your merchandise to create their own individual pieces. It's a unique, immersive journey that places your brand in a new light. Bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, your fans interact with virtual artworks and garments to design custom garments. As they immerse themselves in the experience, your brand becomes an integral part of it. When they're happy with their design, they can order it on the spot. We'll print their bespoke merchandise on demand and ship it to their door.
A girl creates custon merch using AR
A man uses an interactive merch kiosk from Creator Studio
CREATE:KIOSKcustom merch at your fingertips
Create:KIOSK is our touchscreen-based live merch experience for site-specific installations. It's perfect for stores, venues and events where you want to offer your audience, fans or customers an intuitive custom merch adventure.
With Create:KIOSK your brand takes centre stage, as we work with you to develop branded assets, artworks and garment selection. You can integrate your logo, colours and designs, with a range of customisation options to capture your voice and vision. Each user can buy their bespoke design at the kiosk, where our global print hubs kick into action to print their garment on demand and ship it to them within days.
CREATE:WEBcustom digital merch portals
Create:WEB lets users co-create merchandise with their favourite brand in 3D. You customise a 3D world where your audience can interact with branded elements to create a dynamic piece of merchandise. Your merch portal can be fully customised and branded, to make it feel native to users and provide a flowing extension of your brand identity. Users connect with your brand on a deep level as they interact with elements to design unique merchandise they'll be proud to wear and share.
A piece of custom Creator Studio merch is made using a bespoke web portal
Reach out if you want to talk about taking your brand merch live. It's an experience you and your fans will never forget.
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