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Join Creator Studio free and design premium custom printed totes in seconds. Order your custom made totes directly, or connect Creator Studio to your e-coms store and sell.

A Creator Studio custom tote bag
Upload your images or use our powerful intuitive tools to design on the spot.
Minimum orders are dead! You take control over how many custom totes you make.
Choose from two custom printed totes formats, made in 100% organic cotton.
The back the stage scene of designing our tote bag
If you want to make and order custom totes instantly, Creator Studio Direct is for you. Pick a tote size, create your artwork and order with a credit card. Simple and direct.
If you’re going to sell custom made totes using a webstore, Connect is the service you need. Easy integration with your e-store, instant product exports and global fulfilment.
If you want, we can also embroider your design on True Blanks tote bags. It'll really make your design pop. As the process is a little more complex it's best to drop us a line to talk more.
Our totes look amazing when screen printed, and designs with vibrant colours, geometric patterns or slogans pop that little bit extra. If you're planning a big volume, drop us a line to talk more.
The True Blanks take on the classic tote bag, created in 100% organic cotton canvas for durability and featuring our signature attention to detail. Available in Off Black or Natural White.
Make more of a statement by using our larger tote bag. This format has a slightly boxy structure for enhanced shape and functionality. Choose from Off Black or Natural White.
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Join the merch revolution! As part of the Creator Studio community, you've access to our full suite of creative tools, print techniques and True Blanks apparel to use as your canvas for expression. Import images from your phone, use some of ours, try our AI Artwork Generator, and add text to your artwork in a flash... And we're there to help and support you every step of the way.

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