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At our core lies a mission to reinvent the merch industry and bring it bang up to date. We want to make your merch more responsible and use tech to make it smarter and more cost-effective – all while amping up your creative artistry and bringing you closer to your fans. We've been in your shoes, felt your merch pains, and used these experiences to create a platform for cultural expression we wish we had access to back then.

Creator Studio manages all aspects of the merch chain, using the power of print on demand as the starting point. There are no minimum order quantities or inventory storage to worry about, we take care of production, fulfilment, plus e-commerce integrations and it's free to join. What separates us from the rest of the pack is that we own the entire process, from fibre to fans, which ensures super high quality with global consistency.

Your designs will be printed on our own merch fashion brand, True Blanks. There are over 70 garments at your fingertips, tailor-made for print on demand. And you're welcome to check out our experience lab's concepts that explore the future of merchandise customisation in the physical and digital worlds.

Creator Studio is part of H&M Group – giving you unrestricted access to its global supply chain, from product development to fulfilment and logistics. Working with Creator Studio means tapping into over 75 years of experience in fashion innovation, and a supply chain that is optimised to deliver high-quality products sustainably and responsibly. A merch powerhouse at your fingertips.

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