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This is your merch studio

Create print on demand custom merch and apparel using responsibly-made premium blanks, with international shipping, zero startup fees plus no minimum orders. CREATOR STUDIO is the free, end-to-end, print on demand merch platform enabled by the H&M Group. You go create, we'll make it happen.

A one stop shop for your merchandise


In the merch world, the garments you print on are called "blanks". Our own blanks brand, True Blanks is a homage to heritage garments and merch. Choose from our Essentials or Contemporary collections – created specifically for merch, made responsibly and born from fashion, using 75 years of industry know-how.


Printing on demand is common sense for the merch industry. With nothing printed until your fans buy, there's less wasted resources, period. And our access to H&M's global supply chain means we can produce closer to your buyers, for quicker turnaround and delivery.


To make sure your merch is the best quality in the business, the entire production process at CREATOR STUDIO is ours. This means, the blanks you'll print on are the same wherever your merch is made. The printing machines at the supplier are the same at every print hub. Packaging, labels, fulfilment... all the same. The quality of your work is guaranteed wherever your fans are based.


We ship globally from local production partners as close to your customers as possible. It's quicker, easier and kinder to the environment. You can also brand your packaging and garment labels, so your fans know it's the real deal.

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The creators using CREATOR STUDIO are from all walks of life. From indie brands and collectives to musicians, DJs, brands or artists, sports teams and chefs... All of them have stories to tell, journeys that inspire, thoughts to share, and messages to explore.

Here's a few of the creators on our radar right now, if you also want to support their scene.

Merch made responsibly

Merch made responsibly

Mindful Merch

With the help of the teams at H&M and our suppliers, we hope to lift the curtain on the impact of merch and the industry as a whole when it comes to production, natural resources and our mindset as consumers.

Giving back to fashion

We're merch lovers. And want to give back to the industry that's given us joy as creators and fans. Our job is to give you better blanks, smarter creative tools, use the most responsible production and cut down shipping time and distance. And use our resources as part of H&M to always be better.

Love it to threads

Above all else, this is a movement of usership over ownership. Wear your merch to threads, love every moment and remember the story behind every tear, patch and smudge. Then recycle it with pride.

True blanks

We made the canvas, you be the ink.

True Blanks is our own blanks brand, made specifically for custom merch printing and inspired by the feel of classic heritage merch. Each one is made only with organic cotton and recyled materials, with large print areas, durable colour fastness so it'll look great for longer, and consistent sizing. With a heavy focus on cut and detailing, the result is a collection of garments that you'd happily wear even before they hit the print machine.





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