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Dimensions & Scaling


Depending on the type of garment being used, and the collection the apparel belongs to, there are different requirements for the dimensions of your artwork canvas. You can find the required dimensions in pixels when working in your MyStudio creation module. After you have chosen a garment to work with, click the ‘Select artwork’ button to view the maximum canvas size for that blank. Each garment’s maximum canvas size corresponds to the largest possible size your customers can buy, ie. a men's t-shirt in 3XL. Imported artworks will be scaled down automatically for smaller sizes.
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When manually scaling down an image in editing software like Photoshop, be mindful to check and remove any semi-transparent pixel borders, to ensure a good outcome during printing. Sampling is always recommended to assess the print outcome prior to taking a product live. In this particular case, we advise sampling in a colour way other than white.
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